Weekly Update 4/25

Hello KA Families,

It was wonderful to see so many of you yesterday when you came to pick up the bags!  I was so happy that every KA family was able to pick up— thank you for making that happen!

Many of the things in the bag can be put away such as clothes/shoes/previous art/etc.  However, please keep the work packets, school supplies, unifix cubes, writing journals in a good place for doing school at home.  As I mentioned before, there are three Ziploc bags: math, reading, and “other.”

  • The math and reading papers should be in the order we will be using them. However, the “other” bag (social studies/religion/etc.) may not quite be in the order we will use them.  This bag will also be supplemented with their writing journals and the plain paper.  I will continue to post the assignments daily as I have been.  In addition, I can supply a “week at a glance” outline prior the weekend prior.  If you think this would be helpful to your family to organize the paperwork please let me know.
  • I would like to organize another Zoom meeting this week, perhaps in the afternoon.  If there is a certain time of day that works well for your family, please let me know!
  • If your child hasn’t already completed the Virtus lesson and turned it in, please do so as soon as you can.  I need to report attendance for this lesson to the Archdiocese of Seattle by April 30th for compliance. I think I am missing 3, I will send a separate email if I am missing yours.
  • If you haven’t already sent me a “school picture” of your child in uniform, please do so I can compile a class picture!  I think I am missing 5, I will send a separate email if I am missing yours.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to support your child’s continued learning at home.  If there is anything you need or have questions about please let me know!  Your feedback is always welcome and always helpful.

Praying for health and peace in you families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

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White, Katie

Mrs. White is so excited for another great year in KA! She has been at SMM since 2014, and has been teaching in Catholic schools since 2002. Over the years, Mrs. White has taught many grade levels and subjects, but kindergarten is her absolute favorite! She loves being part of the early learning process and seeing the amazing connections that kindergarteners make every day. Mrs. White graduated with a BA in education and history from CWU (go Wildcats!) and earned a M.Ed. from Seattle U (go Redhawks!) She lives in Everett with her husband and two sons. Some of Mrs. White's favorites, in no particular order: Dogs, Chocolate, Hiking, Books, and Snow!