Weekly Update 5/21

Hello KA Families,

I hope your family is able to enjoy a little down time over the long weekend.  Remember, we have no class Friday or Monday, and we will be back to remote learning on Tuesday.  (Friday June 12th is the last day of school.)

Thank you for your continued support for your child during this period of online learning.  I have been so impressed with the continued learning the students are demonstrating at home!  Keep up the great work, summer is near!  I miss the kids so much, but it makes me happy to know that they are continuing to learn and grow at home with your guidance and support.

As we near the end of the school year, I will schedule one final one-on-one zoom meeting with each student to assess their DRA reading (Developmental Reading Assessment).  I am hoping to complete these next week; please let me know if there is a certain day that works best, and what time your family prefers.  Each meeting will take approximately 15 minutes.

  1. 8:00- 10:00 am
  2. 10:00 am- 12:00 noon
  3. 1:00- 3:00 pm
  4. 6:00- 8:00 pm

As you may have heard, our school librarian Mrs. Laura Mallahan, is retiring after 32 years of teaching at SMM.  For a special retirement tribute, Mrs. Morrier-Turk is collecting photos to compile a video gift for her.  If you would like to share a photo of your child reading or with their favorite book, that would be wonderful!

Tuesday, May 26th will mark the start of our school auction, which will be online this year.  There are many great items and baskets to bid on, including our KA art project that Mr. and Mrs. Flores so generously put together for our class.  I know I am excited to bid on some items and show support for SMM!  Please look for information in the school newsletter or direct email regarding how to participate in the auction online.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  I am here to help in any way I can, even in these unusual times.

Praying for God’s blessings of health and peace in your families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 5/15

Hello KA Families,

Can you believe we are down to the last month of school?  Although this has been a unique year, to say the least, I am so proud of how well the students are doing!  Sometimes May is a time when students start to “lose steam” and motivation for school work, even in the classroom setting, but stay strong!  Your hard work is paying off!

I was just reminded that this coming Friday (May 22) was originally scheduled to be a teacher inservice day.  Although we teachers cannot meet as planned, we will be honoring that day as a no-school day for students.  This means that your student will have an extended four day weekend coming up with Memorial Day!  I hope this helps bring some much-needed rest and downtime for your family.

Spirit Week continues!  Here is the schedule:

Monday 5/18: Pajama Day

Tuesday 5/19: Sports Day (or Green and Gold Irish)

Wednesday 5/20: Crazy Hat Day

Thursday 5/21: Throwback Thursday

Friday 5/22: NO SCHOOL

Monday 5/25: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

*After Memorial Day, I will be setting up one more one-on-one Zoom meeting with each student to conduct a final reading assessment (DRA, developmental reading assessment). I will send a separate email next week to schedule these!

We will be having a fun and optional Zoom meeting on Tuesday (May 19th) at 10:00 am.  Link below at the end of this email. This will be a Home Scavenger Hunt!  If your child would like to participate, please have them gather the following things ahead of time and bring them to the meeting to share!  Be creative and have fun!

  • Something you made
  • Something that begins with the first letter of your name
  • Something that has a face on it
  • Something that smells nice
  • Something made out of wood
  • Something that reminds you of SMM

The SMM Online Auction begins on May 26, be sure to check it out!  It looks like there are some great items, including our KA class art project (thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Flores for constructing this beautiful cross for our class!) and some awesome gift baskets and other items.  I am excited for the opportunity to be able to bid on items and support SMM from home.

Thank you for all you do to help your child continue to learn at home!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

Continued prayers for health and peace for all our families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 5/7

Hello KA Families,

It has brought me so much joy to “meet” with the students over Zoom and celebrate their growth during our assessment meetings.  Despite the unusual circumstances of remote learning, the students are continuing to grow in their academic skills.  This is in large part due to your commitment to providing the structure and dedication to “doing school” at home.  Thank you!  If you haven’t already scheduled an assessment time, please contact me asap, thank you!

Thank you for continued your partnership in their learning, it truly takes a village!

We have two exciting things happening next week!!

  1. Mrs. Geppert and I are planning to do “drive-bys” next week to visit each of your homes, to drop off a couple of special surprises!  If you are home, we would love to see you! (safely, at a six foot distance, of course.)  We will have masks and gloves.  If you are not home, we can leave the surprise at your doorstep.
  2. Friday (May 15th) will be a “field trip day!” Since we were unable to visit the Everett Fire Station for our spring field trip, we will bring the field trip home instead.  We will have a VIRTUAL field trip to a fire station with videos and fun activities, but no written work that day.  Enjoy!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything, please let me know!

Continued prayers for health and peace in all families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 5/2

Hello KA Families,

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already May!  It is a strange combination of time going quickly, and yet also very slowly, since we are not in the school building.  I miss our class so much.  I am so proud of everyone, students and parents alike, for making online learning such a success.  Even in bittersweet and distanced circumstances, it makes me proud and grateful that our class is moving forward with academic success.

Next week we will begin the third trimester assessments!  Due to the current situation, I will be scheduling individual Zoom meetings with each student to conduct the assessments.  Assessments will be based on where your child was at the end of 2nd trimester, and may include letter identification, letter sounds, sight words, counting, and number identification.  Spring assessments are always an exciting time to celebrate all of the growth that the students have experienced since the start of the school year.  These assessments help give me a picture of what your child can do independently, and what we may need to review.  These meetings will be about 10-15 minutes long.  Please respond to let me know a day/time that works best for you and I will do my best to meet everyone’s schedule requests.

  1. Is there a certain day that works best (or is there a certain day that does NOT work?)
  2. What time of day works best?
    1. 8-10 am
    2. 10-12 am
    3. 1-3 pm
    4. 6-8 pm

Once I hear back from you, I will build a schedule for these assessment meetings and send you a link with a date/time.

*We will be scheduling one additional assessment later in the month of May for a reading assessment as well.

How is everything going at home?  If there are things that your child is struggling with, (or things they are especially loving!) please let me know!  Please keep me posted! If I can provide more resources, technical help, moral support, etc.  just let me know!  Thank you for all you do.  Stay safe and healthy!

Sending prayers, always, for health and peace in your families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 4/25

Hello KA Families,

It was wonderful to see so many of you yesterday when you came to pick up the bags!  I was so happy that every KA family was able to pick up— thank you for making that happen!

Many of the things in the bag can be put away such as clothes/shoes/previous art/etc.  However, please keep the work packets, school supplies, unifix cubes, writing journals in a good place for doing school at home.  As I mentioned before, there are three Ziploc bags: math, reading, and “other.”

  • The math and reading papers should be in the order we will be using them. However, the “other” bag (social studies/religion/etc.) may not quite be in the order we will use them.  This bag will also be supplemented with their writing journals and the plain paper.  I will continue to post the assignments daily as I have been.  In addition, I can supply a “week at a glance” outline prior the weekend prior.  If you think this would be helpful to your family to organize the paperwork please let me know.
  • I would like to organize another Zoom meeting this week, perhaps in the afternoon.  If there is a certain time of day that works well for your family, please let me know!
  • If your child hasn’t already completed the Virtus lesson and turned it in, please do so as soon as you can.  I need to report attendance for this lesson to the Archdiocese of Seattle by April 30th for compliance. I think I am missing 3, I will send a separate email if I am missing yours.
  • If you haven’t already sent me a “school picture” of your child in uniform, please do so I can compile a class picture!  I think I am missing 5, I will send a separate email if I am missing yours.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to support your child’s continued learning at home.  If there is anything you need or have questions about please let me know!  Your feedback is always welcome and always helpful.

Praying for health and peace in you families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 4/17

Hello KA Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and I hope your child enjoyed a week with “no school” for spring break.  This is certainly a year we will never forget. It looks different than we could have ever imagined. But with faith in God I pray that we are able to continue striving for good health, excellence in education, and peace for all families.

  • The packets you have at home contain work through this Friday.  Mrs. Castro and I are working to compile another packet, which will take us through the end of the year- it will be a big packet!  This will likely be available for pickup on Friday April 24th at the school.  If there are other supplies you are short of at home (glue sticks, crayons, pencils, blank paper, etc.) let me know and I will make sure you get what you need. We will also be sending home personal items from the classroom: spare clothes, gym shoes, headphones, etc.
  • The second (final) lesson for Virtus: Talking about Touching is scheduled to be taught this week.  This lesson will be video recorded, and then students will be required to draw/write a response.  Please watch the video together with your student and discuss together.  The lesson is about safe touches, safe adults, and who to tell if there is a problem.  *There is a parent opt-out option for this, if you request it.  Although no one from KA opted out for the fall lesson, if you would like an opt-out form for this lesson please let me know.   
  • “Class pictures” are coming up this week!  This week we were originally scheduled to have class pictures taken.  Although we will not be in the school building, I would love to make this tradition happen in a new way.  When the students are graduating from 8th grade, they will love having a collection of their class photos each year- even if their kindergarten photo is unique!  Parents, I will need your help to make this happen!  Please have your child dress in their school uniform, and take a photo of them in front of a plain background (such as a white or light colored wall) in bright light.  Please take the photo vertically (the tall way) and show your child’s full height.  Example attached.  Email me your photo, and I will work to compile these photos into a KA class picture for everyone in our class.

Sending prayers for good health and peace to you all,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 4/8

Hello KA Families,

Holy Week is here, and is it nearly Easter!  This is certainly a year we will never forget. It looks different than we could have ever imagined. But with faith in God I pray that we are able to continue striving for good health, excellence in education, and peace for all families.

  • First of all, thank you, for doing an excellent job teaching your children at home.  Even with all the other stress and worry we are all facing right now, you are doing great work!  Also, thank you, for supporting me as I work to try to supply you and your children with the tools you need to do school at home.  I appreciate your kind words of encouragement.  Our school community is truly a special place, even if we are not physically in the building.
  • As you know, we will not have the opportunity to return to regular school in the SMM building this school year.  This breaks my heart.  However, we will find a way to celebrate the end of the year together- somehow!  When we know that social distancing is ending, we will plan a celebration for the end of kindergarten.
  • The packets you have at home contain work through April 24th (please note that April 13-17 is spring break.)  After spring break, Mrs. Castro and I will be working to compile another packet, which will take us through the end of the year- it will be a big packet!  This will likely be available for pickup on Friday April 24th at the school.  If there are other supplies you are short of at home (glue sticks, crayons, pencils, blank paper, etc.) let me know and I will make sure you get what you need. 
  • We have a birthday on Monday!  Although it is officially spring break, it will be great to sing to our friend, and chat about our Easter celebrations.  We will have a Zoom meeting, if your child would like to join in.

Enjoy Easter with your family and know I am praying for you all daily.  Enjoy the small things at home together.  Keep the faith, hug your family, and know I miss you all,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 3/31

Hi KA families,

Here we are, almost to April!  I am so proud of all the work your children have been doing at home.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping them continue in their learning during this challenging time.  I pray that I will be able to see you all in person soon, I miss the class so much!  I am so happy to see you reading your books, writing in your journals, practicing your math, playing outside for PE and recess, saying your morning prayers, and creating awesome art projects (many thanks to Mrs. Geppert for recording these!)  Keep sending me pictures and I will continue to add them to our “KA class family album!”  I love what you are coming up with for the heart challenge too- I will share these when they come in.

How are things going in week 3 of remote learning?  Is your family developing a routine?  Are new challenges popping up?  Please keep me updated about how things are going, both with school and with life.  I am here to support you in any way I can!

Friday we have a Zoom meeting scheduled at 12:00 noon.  It is one of our KA friend’s birthday on Friday- I am excited that we can come together and sing to her remotely!  This will be a “show and tell” sharing time as well, so please have your child think about something they would like to share- it could be a project, a toy, a pet, anything!  I know there have been lots of wiggly teeth too- any more lost teeth??  The information for the Zoom meeting is below.  I will post it in the google classroom as well. 

I will continue to pray daily for you, your children, and your families.  Stay safe and healthy, and may there be peace in your homes.

God bless,

Mrs. Katie White


Weekly Update 3/24

Hello KA Families,

Keep up the great work at home, and please let me know if you are running into any difficulties.  I am here to help and support you in any way I can.

  • I loved seeing many of our classmates in the Zoom meeting today- we will try to these at least once per week.  I will try to alternate morning and afternoon/evening times, just to accommodate different schedules.  These are optional, and just for fun!
  • Tomorrow we will be observing the marigolds and sunflowers for “week 3”!  I can’t wait to see how they have been growing.  I usually suggest that the students continue to grow them indoors until the weather warms up a little bit (no more frosty nights!)  Then when the risk of frost has past, you can plant them outdoors in the ground or in a larger container.
  • You may have noticed that the assignments have been “graded and returned” in google classroom.  Please note that these grades are just to show completion, i.e. if your child has turned everything in for the day he/she will have 100%.  However, if there are things your child needs to work on (backward letters or numbers, completing writing, etc.) I will usually type these in the comments.  If you have questions about this please let me know.
  • There are some “extra resources” available in the google classroom- if your child is done quickly and you would like them to do some extra academic work, feel free to check these out.  However, don’t underestimate the power of playtime!  Be sure your child has plenty of time to explore and learn through free play – building, imagining, creating, etc.  I am happy to see all the great PE activities they have been doing as well!

Please keep me posted about how things are going! You are all in my prayers- praying for health and peace in all your families,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher

Weekly Update 3/16

Hi KA families,

How are you all feeling after the first day of online school?  How is your child(ren) feeling?

I have to give you all a huge THANK YOU for logging in today- EVERY KA student was able to log attendance!  Hurray, what a great start!

I received many of your assignments already, great job!  Remember you can upload a photo or scan into the google classroom to turn it in, or you can email it to me too.  (*If you upload through google classroom, make sure that file(s) attach.  There were a couple of people who submitted “empty” assignments accidentally.  I have emailed you if that was the case and you will need to re-send).  If you haven’t submitted today’s assignments yet, please do so by midnight tonight.

Each day, after logging attendance, please watch the MORNING MEETING video first, for prayer and announcements.  Then watch the NEXT video to hear instructions for written work and other activities for the day.  Please note that some of the papers have specific instructions that are detailed in the video.  Each day I will also include some supplemental links such as online activities, videos, games, or practice.

Some of you have asked about the monthly homework calendar for March.  Please continue to work on this as you would normally (calendar activities and reading log).  I will ask you to submit the homework at the end of the month.

I’d love to keep a social and emotional link among our class as much as possible!  If your child has news to share (lost tooth, etc.), a special prayer intention, etc. please let me know and I will include it in the morning meeting.  I’d love to hear about family activities you are doing as well- backyard games, cooking together, science experiments, etc!  We can share ideas and pictures for the class!

I welcome any feedback or input you may have.  This is new to all of us, and I am learning right along with you.  Of course if you run into any problems, or have questions, please let me know!  I am here to help you and support you and your family. 

Take care, stay well, and God bless,

Mrs. Katie White

Kindergarten Teacher